Provided by Pat (Lougheed) Dowdell

This is the Life History Of Great Grandfather & Grandmother Lougheed

Robert Lougheed was born in Sligo, Ireland, Aug. 15, 1822. To (the father's name was also Robert) Lougheed and Maria (Cuff) Lougheed. He was one of a family of fifteen children, having two brothers who died in infancy, and twelve sisters. We do not know anything about the sisters, except three. One who as married and lived in Ireland. And Mary and Julia, who came to America, later came to Michigan. In 1829 when 7 years old he came to America with his parents, and sisters, settling in Canada near Quebec. In 1831, his parents died leaving him to the battles of life alone at the tender age of nine years. He came from Canada to Michigan with the O'Mealey families, who also came from Ireland in the same ship as the Lougheeds. The sisters, Mary and Julia, married Robert and William O'Mealey. Mary was wed to Robert and Julia to William, and were the parents of Ann Clark; whom some of you will remember has attended our gathers. She was the mother of Edith Fish and Mildred Humbolt, who entertained us in 1939 at Pittsford, Michigan.

Little is know of Mary and Robert O'Mealey's family, except the Peters; Maud, Tom and Theodore, husband of the late Maggie Peters and father of Conway Peters, noted musician formerly of Edon, Ohio.

Grandpa Robert named each of his daughters for a sister: Maria, Julia, Jane and Mary, as follows: Alice Maria, Julia Estelle, Lena Jane and Mary Lola.

Robert Lougheed Original Family Photo

In 1850 at 28 years old, he was married to Miss Electa Palmelia Goodrich, daughter of Archbold and Mabel (Beebee) Goodrich. Electa was born near Syracuse, N.Y. on May 3, 1832. Was one of a family of eight children. Four brothers and three sisters. The brothers were John, Wallace, Harvey and Lewis, for whom the late Lewis Lougheed was named. She expressed hope that some one of the family would be named for her much loved brother Harvey. Evidently no one ever was. Her sisters were Mary, Sara and an infant sister who passed away. Mary wed a man named Gallutia and lived near Courtland, New York.

Sara married Mr. Geo. Capen and lived in Michigan. Parents of the beloved John Campen, now deceased, who with his good wife Anne always attended our reunion whenever possible.

Grandma Electa came to Michigan to visit the sister Sara, and while on this visit met the man she choose to walk life's paths together with. On October 27, 1850, the two said, "I do" and continued so for over 50 years. Just where they were married, we do not know. However, it was in Hillsdale Co., possibly in the Court House or elsewhere in the city of Hillsdale. They settled on a farm near Pittsford, Michigan, somewhere between Pittsford and Hudson on what is not Rt. 34.

On August 15, 1862, on Grandpa Robert's fortieth birthday, he answered the call to his country and for three years (1862 to 1865) was away from family and home. In 1870 he with his family moved to Ohio, settling near Cooney, North West township in Williams Co.

Seven children came to bless this union, four boys and three girls; namely Robert Archbold, George Linden, Lewis N., Alice Maria, Julia Estelle, Lena Jane and Lola Mary. (Maria, Julia, Jane and Mary having been his sister's names.) Their homestead near Cooney was one and one-half mile west on what we know as the Owen Headley Farm. This is where our parents and grandparents were raised and schooled. Later they moved to Cooney and then to the village of Billingstown, which is now abandoned. There on January 4, 1901 his Creator called him home. Having been a victim of Asthma and a constant sufferer. He was very clever & witty and quite decidedly set to his opinions, ambitious and prosperous. On October 4, 1916, Grandma Electa answered her maker's call and was laid to rest beside her beloved companion. She taught school and was a great reader. Always ready to aid one in need.

Thus ends the history of our forefather & mother. Those of us here today are proud to be descendants of this grand and noble pair who set the foundation for our lives. May their energetic and cultured lives live on through us. Let us pause for a moment and pay tribute to them, least we forget.