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Anne's Lougheed Page
Wonderful site with lots of old pictures.

Sandra Lochhead Anderson - Scotland

John A Hansen
Lots of info & includes Lochhead Mailing List

Lochhead & Ross Family of Ayrshire Scotland
Also from John A. Hansen.  Looks like we actually originated in Scotland as many of us suspected. See also Descendants of John Lochhead.

Visit Lin Lougheed's http://www.lougheed.com/
Lin is a teacher and author.

Lougheed Roses - http://webhome.idirect.com/~roseboy/roses.htm

Other resources:

"A Reach Of The River" by John Lochhead. This was a private publication (1952 approx). This book details the history of one particular Lochhead Family from Paisley Scot.

Lester Lougheed's (b. 4/5/1910 d. 11/1/1999) Life Story

"The Hills of Home"- a book of my Celeste Lougheed's grandfather that documents names, dates, relationships of those living in certain parts of Ohio (included are almost all of the Lougheeds on your site.) "


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