These documents were provided by Wilmer Sibbitt.

My Sibbitt line is as follows

1) Ancestral "James Sibbet" of Scotland and Ireland, a Presbyterian minister, who imigrated from around Belfast, Ulster (Northern Ireland) to New Jersey.
2) Solomon Sibbet (younger brother of Aaron Sibbet), a soldier in the
Revolutionary War and farmer in New Jersey, and later a member of the Militia and a farmer in Pennsylvania, and a partner of Aaron Sibbet.
3) James Sibbet (nephew of Aaron Sibbet), a soldier in the War of 1812, and a farmer in Washington Co, PA.
4) John Sibbit/Sibbitt, a farmer in Greene County, PA, and later Washington Co, PA, and even later a farmer in Vermillion Co, IL, close to Hoopeston, IL.
5) John William Sibbit/Sibbitt, a school teacher in Washington Co, PA, and later a school teacher and farmer in Warren Co, IN.
6) William Harrison Sibbitt, a farmer in Warren Co, IN, and later Putnam Co, IN.
7) Wilmer Lawrence Sibbitt, Sr. a professor at Purdue University, and later a nuclear scientist at Oak Ridge Tennesse, and later at Los Alamos National Laboratories.
8) Wilmer Lawrence Sibbitt, Jr. a professor at the University of New Mexico, in the School of Medicine

And now we know that we Sibbitts or Sibbits based in or from Indiana,
Ilinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri are all the same family, the
Aaron-Solomon Sibbet family, or otherwise stated, the family of James Sibbet, a Scottish and Scotch-Irish Presbyterian minister from the Belfast area who immigrated to New Jersey. It is likely that James Sibbet was involved in rebellious activities against the British in Northern Ireland, for legends of the Sibbets being "traitors", "criminals", and "horse thieves" who had to flee Northern Ireland because they were wanted by the British, persist in my family.

Wilmer Sibbitt

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