Lougheed to Lockheed Aircraft


Marlaine E. Lockheed:

I saw a notice on your Lougheed webpage about having linkage to the aviation Lockheeds. My grandfather Allan Loughead and his brother Malcolm Loughead were founders of Lockheed. He and his brother changed the spelling of their name to conform with its pronunciation, sometime in the 1920s. His father, John Loughead, was a painter living in San Francisco in the 1880s. He may have had a brother named Robert.

Marlaine E. Lockheed
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By Lin Lougheed 2001:

First information received was from a Dr. John Locheed who researched the subject in Scotland. The Lockeed Aircraft is from the Lougheed family, - their non-business name is Lougheed.

I do know of that the Lougheed's of Alberta are all "kin". I have tried to get on to the web site of "lady.htm" but am unable to do so. It says site closed down.

By UNKNOWN 2001:

I had heard the founders of Lockheed aircraft
changed the spelling of their name from Lougheed
in 1912. I don't have any information that the
founders were close relatives of our grandfather