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In 1965, I visited the memorial battlefield at Gettysburg, PA. I was so fascinated by the vastness of this display of cannon and shot that I returned home avowed to look up my great grandfather's Civil war record and then return to the field of battle and see if I could locate where his regiment had been placed in service. In my search of records I found that he was indeed there on the - 3rd and 4th of July, located at little round top, a small hill on the south end of the battle field. In my search I found that he was at several places of action. He was in the battle above the clouds on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tenn. He was in the siege of Atlanta Ga. He was also in several hospitals along the way from Washington D. C. to Evansville Ind. and a field hospital near Atlanta. My interest grew in the family history, so with the help of my several cousins, Virgil Lougheed, Lester Lougheed, and Denzil Lougheed, as well as others, I began to gather information whereever I could find it. I was greatly helped by another distant cousin, Phyllis Olmstead who now lives in the Chicago area. Phyllis is the Great Grand daughter of Robert Lougheed II and Electa P. Goodrich Lougheed. Phyllis has done much research in this family history, especially in the Goodrich family. To these and others I am grateful and in debt for their help.

I am sure that we have not been able to cover every aspect of this great family of the past, and that we may have been in error in some point or another, but in the main, we believe that we have the story in essence of the truth. We hope that we can interest the younger generations of this family with the story of their forbears. I myself am proud to be a descendant of this great and noble man and woman known as Robert Lougheed II and his wife Electa Palmelia Goodrich Lougheed.

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We do not know the birth date of Robert Lougheed senior, nor of his Wife Maria Cuff Lougheed. Neither do we know their marriage date. Only that they came to America from that they came to America from Sligo, Ireland in 1829. That Robert was of Irish decent and Maria Cuff was of Scottish decent. The records seem to indicate that there were 15 children born to this union, 12 girls and 3 boys, two of the boys dying in infancy, leaving only our great grandfather Robert to bear the Lougheed Sir name.

Young Robert II was born at Sligo, Ireland on August 15th, 1822. In 1829 he came to America with his father and mother and his sisters. We do know that one of his sisters had married and remained in Ireland. That two of his sisters married two O'Meally brothers whom they met on their trip across the Atlantic. The Lougheed family landed in Canada somewhere in Quebec near or in Montreal, Canada.

In 1832 young Robert's parents died leaving him and several young sisters with the older sisters of the family.

Our story now separates from the sisters of young Robert except that of Sister Mary who married Robert O'Meally and sisters Julia Lougheed who married William O'Meally. The O'Meally family name is sometimes spelled O'Milly and O'Mealy. These O'Meally families moved to Lower Michigan bringing along young Robert. They settled near Hudson, Michigan in the year of 1835. Young Robert II, who was my great grandfather, was but 13 years of age. We believe that he was living with his sister Julia Lougheed O'Meally who had married William O'Meally after landing in Canada. Robert O'Meally, who had married Mary Lougheed, was a superintendent on the New York Central Rail Road. We also know that young Robert II was a section gang boss under his brother-in-law's jurisdiction.

In 1845 Robert II bought an 80-acre farm from Robert O'Meally and his wife Sarah Ann Peters O'Meally. The farm was located 4 miles west and 21-, miles north of Hudson, Michigan, in Hillsdale County. The farm was purchased from Robert O'Meally and his second wife, Sara Ann Peters O'Meally on July 16, 1845 for the sun of $500.00. The farm had been bought originally from Sara Ann's folks, William Peters, who had purchased it from the government in 1836, the year that Michigan had become a State.

Now, I will back track a little to the beginning. Robert O'Meally had first married Robert II's sister Many Lougheed after landing in Canada in 1829. A daughter Mary Jane was born to this union on September 22, 1832. When little Mary Jane was less than two years old, her mother Mary Lougheed O'Meally died somewhere about 1834. Robert O'Meally and little Mary Jane then lived for some time with William O'Meally and his wife Julia Lougheed O'Meally, young Robert's other sister. Young Robert II also was living with William and Julia Lougheed O'Meally. Robert O'Meally then married again, Sara Ann Peters on September 21, 1837.

On October the 27th, 1850, Robert Lougheed II married Electa Permelia Goodrich. Our great grandmother Electa was but 18 years old when she came to Michigan from Schenectady, New York to visit her brother, Hermon R. Goodrich and a sister, Sara Goodrich who had married Mr. George Campen of Pittsford, Michigan. Her brother Hermon lived on a farm one mile west of Hudson, Michigan, on what is now known as M-34, which runs between Hudson and Hillsdale, Michigan. Her sister, Sara Goodrich Campen lived near Pittsford, Michigan. (About 7 miles west Of Hudson, Michigan.

It is believed that it was originally called Locust Corners but now known as Pittsford. Somehow Electa was engaged to teach the one room school across from her brothers farm and 1 half mile further west. The original building burned down some time in the 1860's or thereabouts. A new building was built to replace it but that one is also gone and a third one stands in its place. It is now being used as a dwelling house used by a retired minister. There is also a grave yard across from the old school house. It is known as the Goodrich graveyard. William O'Meally and his wife Julia Lougheed O'Meally are buried there and have a marker on their grave.

Young Robert II married the schoolteacher, Electa Permelia Goodrich October 27, 1850. He was engaged in the laying of railroad track through that part of Michigan. The track went through her brother Hermon's farm. The old bed is still visible, the rails having been removed. Somehow, Robert and Electa met, married and set up housekeeping probably on grandfather's farm, as the records show that Alice was born August lst, 1851 near Pittsford, Michigan. The records also show that Robert Archibold Lougheed was born Mary 6, 1854 near Bryan, Ohio, in a rail road camp while Robert II was laying track through Bryan, Ohio from Toledo. Estella was born on the farm west of Hudson on July 4th, 1860.

Our story now jumps August 14th, 1862. Robert II and Electa were living on their farm west and north of Hudson, Michigan. They now had Alice Maria, Robert Archibold, and Julia Estella. Also living with them was a young man Robert O'Meally, 18 years of age, the son of William O'Meally and Julia Lougheed O'Meally, Robert II's nephew. On this date, young Robert O'Meally said to his Uncle Robert II Lougheed, "Uncle Rob I am going to join up in the Union Army". The civil war was now on and President Lincoln had called for volunteers. Grandfather Robert said "Now, what do you want to do that for?" You will only go down there and get your self killed and your mother would never forgive". But young Robert slipped away on horseback and rode into Hillsdale and enlisted. The next day grandfather Robert hitched up horse to the buggy and drove into Hudson and enlisted on his 40th birthday, August 15, 1862. The two Roberts went through the war together, each saving the other's life during the campaign. We were able to get this story from Robert O'Meally himself who lived many years and attended our Lougheed family reunion as late as 1933.

Great grandfather Robert served 3 years in the service of his country, being honorable discharged July 14th, 1865.

After grandfather's discharge from the army in July 14th, 1865, he re- turned to his farm near Pittsford, Michigan. There, George Linden, (generally called Linden) was born in 1868. Lewis N. was born in 1870. The family lived there until it was sold to John Stickeny and his wife, May 25, 1870 for the sum of $4,800.00 and the Lougheed's moved to Ohio, Northwest Township close to the Ohio and Indiana State line named Coney, Ohio. Robert II bought 80 acre one mile west of Coney, Ohio from Dan D. Haley and wife, February 17th, 1871 for the price of $-j,'Z50.00. At this new home were born Lena Jane (generally called Lena) and Lola Mary, (generally called Lola). The family lived here and grew to maturity, attending the one room, brick country school at Coney, Ohio. Robert and Electa lived on this farm until they moved to Billington, Ohio, just a couple miles west and north of the farm. It is believed that Uncle Lew Lougheed probably lived on the farm before it was sold to Levi VanFossen. Leo Lougheed told us that he was born there in 1898. Either Uncle Lew Lougheed lived there with his folks or that they had already moved by that date when Leo Lougheed was born. Grandfather Lougheed had very bad health and was not able to farm for himself for several years. Grandfather and grandmother sold the farm that they had owned since 1871 to Levi VanFossen, December 28.1899 for the sum of $1,233.86.

It is thought that much of the farm's worth was spent on doctor bills for grandfather. On January 4th, 1901 grandfather died while living at Billingstown, Ohio. Grandfather was past 78 years when he died.

It is believed that grandmother, soon after grandfather's death began living with some of her children. She applied for pension Feb. 16, 1901. She was granted the sum of $12.00 per month. She was considered well provided for. She, at one time visited all her children and grandchildren for a whole month. She always insisted on paying for her board and room when she stayed. She was living with her daughter, Lena Malcolm at Coney, Ohio when she died, October 2nd, 1916. She was buried at Malcolm cemetery beside her husband Robert 11, one mile south of Coney, Ohio. She was a great lady. She was considered well informed and educated for her day. She had helped her husband Robert to be a very well read man of his day. She was reported to have been a very generous person, a good neighbor, serving many community activities. Grandmother was a devout Christian, being converted in her earlier years. I remember her staying in my parent's home when I was but 3 or 4 years old. I had already learned to swear. This irritated grandmother very much. She seemed always to be busy sewing on something. She sat with 'her needle and thread in hand, looking over her small gold rimmed glasses, she would say. "Donald if I hear you swear one more time I will sew your mouth shut." I was plenty scared and' stopped swearing while grandmother was around.

While we have always been proud of our heritage from the Lougheed side of our ancestry, our heritage from grandmother's side of the house was equally great in character, courage and devotion. Let us now consider the record of grandmother's family.

Grandmother Electa Permelia Goodrich was born May 3rd, 1832 in New York State near Syracuse (Preble and Tully). She came from a family of 8 children, four brothers and three sisters. The brothers were John, Wallace, Harvey, and Lewis. We are having some trouble reconciling our records. Phyllis Omstead has the records from grandmother Electa's family Bible and she does not show record of Hermon R. Goodrich, other records show a Hermon Rd. Goodrich. His signature is on grandmother's marriage certificate along with that of George Campen.

The sisters of grandmother are Mary Goodrich and Sara Goodrich. Sara married George Campen of Pittsford, Michigan and Mary married a man named Gallutia and lived near Cortland, New York. Mary was yet living when grandmother Electa was buried. Sara Goodrich Campen and her husband George Campen are buried at Locust Corners Cemetery. There is a marker there bearing their name.

Electa's father was Archibold Goodrich, born New York State November 2, 1792 and has a grave at the Locust Corners cementary stating that he died March 14th, 1865. Archibold had married Mabel Beebe in New York State June 7th, 1818. Mabel Beebe Goodrich died in Northwest Township, Williams County Ohio. It is assumed that she was residing with her daughter Electa Goodrich Lougheed.

Electa Goodrich Lougheed is a direct descendant of Samuel Goodrich, revolutionary war soldier. He served as a carpenter in Captain Barlow's company, Graham's regiment in the New York troops. His name appears on the regiments return dated November 14, 1771, at Peekskill, New York. He again enlisted January lst, 1777 in Sheffield, Massachusetts and served to 1780 in Captain's company. Col. Samuel Brewer headed the regiment. In 1818 he applied for a pension and it was granted.

Samuel Goodrich born in 1751 in Massachusetts and died in Preble, New York in 1835. He married Luarana Trowbride in 1776. Luarana was born in 1757 and died in 1835. Family tradition tells that they were buried together in or near Tully or Preble, New York. The children of this marriage were Betsy, Lurana, Aaron, Samuel, Jr., Mary, Polly James, Sarah, Abbie, Archibold (who was Electa's father) and Permelia.

By Donald Lougheed
Son of Chalmer Fern Lougheed
Grandson of Robert Archibold Lougheed
Great Grandson of Robert Albert Lougheed, II

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