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Cook Lougheed Family Line

Descendants of Olin Decker Lougheed 'UNDERCONSTRUCTION"

Generation No. 2

George Linden Lougheed - click for larger
3. GEORGE LINDEN3 LOUGHEED (ROBERT ALBERT2, ROBERT1) was born 1868 in Hillsdale County, Michigan, and died 1939. He married IDA MAY DECKER, daughter of E. DECKER and JANE.

Fact 1: 1870, Came to Northwest Township
Fact 2: Attended Local Rural School
Fact 3: Grew to Maturity on his Father's Farm

       Children of GEORGE LOUGHEED and IDA DECKER are:

  i.   VERN H.4 LOUGHEED, b. 1889.

  ii.   CECIL DALE LOUGHEED, b. 1892.

  iii.   MAVIE JANE LOUGHEED, b. 1895; d. 1896.

5. iv.  

OLIN DECKER LOUGHEED, b. January 07, 1897, Northwest Twp., Williams Co., Ohio; d. June 04, 1983, North Carolina.

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  v.   GOLDIE PEARL LOUGHEED, b. 1899.

  vi.   VEDA PAULINE LOUGHEED, b. 1906.

Generation No. 3

5. OLIN DECKER4 LOUGHEED (GEORGE LINDEN3, ROBERT ALBERT2, ROBERT1) was born January 07, 1897 in Northwest Twp., Williams Co., Ohio1, and died June 04, 1983 in North Carolina2. He married ETHELMAY WEAVER, daughter of LEVI WEAVER and JENNIE YOUNG.

       Children of OLIN LOUGHEED and ETHEL MAY WEAVER are:

6. i.   OLENE E.5 LOUGHEED, b. 1919.

7. ii.  

PIERRE OLIN LOUGHEED, b. April 08, 1922, Montpelier, Ohio.

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